Frequently Asked Questions

What is Exchange-Anything? is a community exchange service, putting you in touch with people around the globe so you can swap your unwanted items for their unwanted items...

We all have items that we no longer use, but that still work and may be of value to someone else. Through the site you can exchange these old items, clear your clutter and get something in return that is useful to you!

How Does it Work?

Registered members can list their unwanted items on the site, with a description and pictures.

Site visitors can browse the list of items, ask questions and propose an exchange.

If an exchange request is accepted, the owners contact details will be sent to the user proposing the exchange, and the two users will be able to discuss the details of the exchange by email, phone etc.

Do I have to be a Registered User to Propose an Exchange?

Yes. If you find an item you like, you will need to register on the site and upload details of your item in order to propose an exchange.

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